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Orissa High Court Research Assistant Syllabus 2021 is available on this page. Moreover the higher authorities of Orissa High Court are getting ready to organize the test on schedule date. At first, candidates have to concentrate on orissahighcourt.nic.in Research Assistant Syllabus 2021. Because there is a heavy competition for Research Assistant Posts. Hence, we highly recommend aspirants, to attend for the computer application test with proper preparation. Therefore At the end of this page, we had arranged the direct link of Odisha HC RA Exam Syllabus 2021 in PDF format for free of cost. Therefore applicants can get more info about the Orissa High Court Research Assistant Syllabus 2021, orissahighcourt.nic.in Research Assistant Exam pattern 2021, and orissahighcourt.nic.in Research Assistant Selection Process from the below sections.

Orissa High Court Research Assistant Syllabus 2021 | Odisha HC RA Exam Syllabus

Generally, Orissa High Court Research Assistant Syllabus 2021 for computer application test is enclosed in this article. Also, We had noticed that a massive number of candidates are searching for Orissa High Court Research Assistant Syllabus 2021 in various websites on the internet. Moreover To help those aspirants, we had collected the genuine Orissa High Court Research Assistant Syllabus 2021 from the orissahighcourt.nic.in. Hence After the checking this page, applicants need to start their preparation by making a perfect preparation plan.


Orissa High Court Syllabus 2021 | orissahighcourt.nic.in Notification Overview

Name of the organizationHigh Court Of Orissa
Official website linkorissahighcourt.nic.in
Name of the postResearch Assistant
Orissa High Court Research Assistant No of vacancies13
Name of the organizationHigh Court Of Orissa
Job CategoryGovt Jobs
Orissa High Court Research Assistant Ending date03/09/2021
Orissa High Court Research Assistant Examination DateUpdate Later
Orissa High Court Research Assistant Admit Card Release DateUpdate Later
Orissa High Court Research Assistant Selection ProcessComputer Based Test and Interview

High Court of Odisha Research Assistant Test Pattern

While Orissa High Court Research Assistant Exam Pattern is tabulated below. Therefore Candidates keep this High Court of Orissa Research Assistant Exam Pattern in mind while making your preparation plan. Also, Orissa High Court Research Asst will give a clear overview on how the Orissa High Court Research Assistant Exam 2021 is going to be conducted.

S. No.Type of Examination Topics to be coveredTotal QuestionsMax. MarksExam Duration


Objective Type with Multiple Choice

General Intelligence & Reasoning25251 Hour 30 Minutes
2General awareness2525
3General Engineering (Civil)5050
Total                                                                                      100100 

High Court Of Orissa Research Assistant Selection process 2021

In fact, Orissa High Court Research Assistant Selection Process will conduct the following rounds to select the candidates. However, the aspirant’s performance will be evaluated in order to decide whom to select finally.

  • Computer Test
  • Interview

Download Orissa High Court Research Assistant Syllabus 2021 PDF

While Download free Orissa High Court Research Assistant Syllabus 2021 through this page. Meanwhile, With the help of this entire information, aspirants can easily get the idea about how to prepare for the test. Therefore To get a job in High Court of Orissa is not easy for all the aspirants, because they need to clear both the Computer Application Test and Interview. Hence the Candidates who gain minimum score in the Computer Application Test they only can attend for Interview. Since Topic Wise Orissa High Court Research Assistant Syllabus 2021 PDF is given below.

Orissa High Court Research Assistant Syllabus

  1. Discrete Structure
  • Sets, relation, Functions, Pigeonhole Principle, inclusion -Exclusion Principle, Equivalence and Partial orderings, elementary counting techniques Probability, Measures for Information and total information.
  • Compatibility: Model of computation-Finite Automata, Pushdown Automata, Non-determinism and NFS, DPDA and PDAs and languages accepted by these structures, Grammars languages, non-compatibility and example of non-computable problems.
  • Graph-definitions walks paths, trails, connected graphs, regular and bipartite graphs, cycles and circuits, tree and rooted tree, spanning trees, the eccentricity of a vertex radius and diameter of a graph, central graphs, centers of a tree, Hamiltonian and Eulerian graphs, planar graphs
  1. Computer Arithmetic
  • Proportional (Boolean Logic), Predicate Logic, Well-formed formula (WFF), Satisfactory and tautology.
  • Logic Families: TTL, ECL and C-MOS sates, Boolean algebra and minimization of Boolean functions, Flip-Flop type’s race conditions and comparison, Design of combinational and sequential circuits.
  • Representation of Integer: Octal, Hex, Decimal and Binary, 2; s Complement and 1’s complement arithmetic, Floating point representation.
  1. Programming in C and C++
  • Programming in C: Element of C-Tokens, Identifiers, Data types in C, Control structure in C, Sequence selection and iteration, Structured data types in C-arrays, structure, union, string pointers.
  • O-O Programming concepts: Classes, Object, installation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, and overloading.
  • C++ Programming: Element of C++ Tokens,. Identifiers, Variable and constants, Data types, Operator, Control Statement, Function parameter passing, Class and object, Constructor and destructor, overloading inheritance temples, exception handling.

Odisha HC Research Asst Exam Syllabus 2021 List

  1. Relational database design and SQL
  • E-R Diagram and their transformation to relation design, normalization -INF, 2NF, and BCNF
  • SQL: Data definition language(DDL) Data manipulation language (DML), Data control language (DCL) commands database objects like Views indexes, sequences, synonyms, data dictionary.

5. Data and File Structure

  • Data information, the definition of data structure, arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, graphs, priority queues, and heaps.
  • File Structure: Fields, records, and files following direct, index Sequential and relative data hashing, inverted lists multi-list, B trees, and B+ trees.

Topics involve in the Orissa High Court Research Assistant Syllabus

  1. Computer Network
  • Network Fundaments: Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network *(MKAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) m, Wireless Network, Internetwork.
  • Data Communication: cannel capacity. Transmission media. Twisted pasi Coaxial cables, Fiber optic cables, Wireless transmission -radio, microwave infrared and millimeter waves Light wave transmission, telephones-local loop, trunks, multiplexing switching, narrowband ISDN broadband ISDN ATM, High-speed LAN, Cellular radio Communication satellite-Geosynchronous and low orbit.
  • Internetworking: Switch/ Hub. Bridge, router, Gateways Concatahetsd virtual circuits, Tunneling, Fragmentation Firewalls.
  • Routing: Virtual circuits and datagram’s, Routing algorithms, congestion control.
  • Network Security: Cryptography-Public key, Secret Key, Domain Name System (DNS), electronic mail and worldwide web (WWW), the DNS Resource Records Name Services, E-Mail Architecture, and Servers.

exam syllabus

  1. System Software
  • Assemble language fundamental (8085 based assembly language programming), Assembly-2 pass and single pass, Macros, and Microprocessor.
  • Compilation and interpretation, Bootstrap compiler. A phase of the Compilation process, Lexical analysis, Lex package on UNIX System.
  • Context-Free grammar, Parsing and parse trees, representation of parse (derivation) trees as the nightmare and leftmost derivation, Bottom-up parsers=-Shift reduce, operator, precedence, and LR. YACC package an on UNIX system.
  • Top-down parses-Left recursion and its removal, recursive descend pares. Predictive parses, Intermediate codes, Quadruples, Triples, Intermediate code generation, Code generation, Code optimization.

High Court of Orissa Reserch Assistant Exam Syllabus 2021 Subjects 

  1. Operating System (with the Case study of UNIX)
  • A primary function of the operating system, Multiprogramming multiprocessing, and multitasking.
  • Memory management: Virtual memory, Paging, fragmentation.
  • Concurrent processing: mutual exclusion, critical regions, locks and unlock.
  • Scheduling: CPU Scheduling. I/o Scheduling, resource scheduling, Banker’s Algorithm for deadlock handling.
  • UNIX
  • The UNIX system: File system, process management, Bourne shell variables, command line programming.
  • System calls (like): create, open, close, read, write, seem link, unlink, stat, fstat, unmask, chmos, exec, fork, wair, system.
  1. Software engineering
  • System development cycle (SDCL): Steps, waterfall model, Prototypes, Spiral model.
  • Software Metrics: Software Project Management.
  • Software Design: System Design, Detailed design, function-oriented design, Object-oriented design, user interface design, Design level metrics.
  • Coding and testing: testing level metrics, Software quality, and reliability, clean room approach, Software Reengineering.

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